Inclusion in the country of education!

“I don’t know how you ended up in VMBO and yet you get bad grades. Your brother and sister are in VWO. ” “Madam, I’m going to get a pass for the assignment! Why?! The explanation was clear, wasn’t it? “” Yes, but  nobody read to me. I don’t know any children’s books. I am not like the other children. ” “I’m going to be a lawyer.” You are at BB level. It just can’t be. The whole class got the giggles. ” “I want to go to university. No kid, you will never save that. Why not? Dutch is not your language and it is getting harder and harder. Prefer to do something with your hands. ” “Madam, when can I become a sunshine or a rocket?”

Inclusion, a container concept ?! How do you translate inclusion within education? How do we deal with acceptance and equal opportunities? How do students get a route from PO to HBO where they feel accepted, appreciated, challenged and respected?

How do we ensure that VMBO students feel just as accepted and appreciated as VWO students? How do we ensure that pre-vocational secondary education students do not feel the scum of society? How can we reduce the negative energy within ourselves? How do we ensure that we actually reset our mind? How do we ensure that moons, stars, rockets and suns disappear and that there are only rockets?

How do we ensure that we do not place pupils / children in boxes in the name of our expertise with the intention of helping them while we destroy them emotionally?

How do we ensure that all groups, races, etc. feel accepted all-round?

How do we ensure that we do not measure with two sizes?

Where does inclusion in education begin?

In the family?

On the street?

With yourself?

How do we ensure that inclusion is unconditional?

Can we use this word or is it too high for us?

Should we look more respectfully at each other or look no further than our nose is long or has looking down on each other become so obvious?

Do we place ourselves and our students on a pedestal or do we only place ourselves on that pedestal?

How do we ensure that we differentiate optimally in a responsible manner?

How do we ensure responsible Daltonplus education for all groups?

Or is it pulling a dead horse?

Or is the noses heading in the same direction to get impossible work?

Can we yield unconditional dedication and commitment?

Yes, great fantastic theoretical plans?

But the practical- what does it look like?

Does the enthusiasm of the theory affect practice?

Should it go flawlessly and perfectly?

What do you do with the hiccups? Do we let ourselves be fooled by that?

How do we ensure that the carpenter or waste processor has just as much respect, and status as the lawyer or heart specialist?

Yes, how …. think about it ….


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