Relationship and achievement

This sentence seems all too familiar to me! Indeed, we as teachers always want to teach our students something. But how do we do that?


After a period of absence I was in front of the class again. I was confronted with many things and chose to provide lessons and produce grades. I had a conversation with the classes and I said that we have arrears and that we must alleviate them together! In the back of my mind I was aware that I had to focus on the relationship at the same time. But I chose not to prioritize it.

I thought I had already explained to them, so they don’t going to ask.

No. I came home from a cold fair. After that period of absence, I fell into the havo / vwo teacher again. The lesson was again central …. I was talking with a colleague, who is also from Havo / Vwo, at the copier. And she said it’s so hard teaching these children. But I just want to teach them something! Then I said that’s it. We are still in secondary education. Students of the VMBO first want a relationship and then comes the performance.

I had to become aware again that my students want a relationship. So you have to invest in that, then you have fewer bumps and less stress. I thought to myself: “I told them of all those challenges and that we had to do that and so on.”

What do you radiate ?!
I was so stressed and frustrated. And I radiated that too. Well, I realized and I started paying attention to my appearance. The atmosphere in the class became much better! And I could relax too. We have largely eliminated the backlogs. But I had to take steps back and give my children the necessary attention. In the coming period I will have a good conversation with them and evaluate the past period and look ahead.

It is important to be alert. After my illness I had to get used to it again and to become aware of where I stood and activate my vision. When you are sick, you are concerned with surviving and getting healthy again. The weather in front of the class ensures that you can distance yourself from it, but you also need to become aware of your environment and adjust your goals.

Adjusting my goals to the relationship with my students has also made it possible for me to focus more quickly on my educational vision and to distance myself and say goodbye to the last contractions of my illness.

All-round relationship
Relationship and performance go hand in hand in every relationship. Investing in a relationship ensures better and effective performance!

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