The power of positive and negative thinking!The positive evocation gives resilience and the negative retention makes you end up in a vicious circle!

“You are going to make it, you are a strong woman. Hold on! Do not hesitate to indicate whether I can do something for you ”

“That is how I knew someone who went on and on despite all the bumps and who collapsed. You are going to collapse. ”

The past few years have not been easy, but it has been strong, educational years that have made me the woman I am today. If I look back now, I would like to repeat it like this, because what I’ve had is above prayer and thinking. But during those moments I had to pull out all the stops to stay positive and think. But now I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for me. My environment knew about the bumps and the reactions were very different. The above two reactions. I resolutely dismissed the second reaction and I was able to draw strength from the first reaction because it corresponded to my vision / attitude in life.

Selective thinking
From my experience I can say that your thinking is shaped by culture, experiences and your personality. Nobody gets out of it. Everyone has their own bumps in life. But the strength is in how you interact with them.

Do you choose to give your bumps the space to dominate or do you choose to control your bumps?

They are two strong ways of thinking. If you choose to stay in the negative, you have no progress, because that is your comfort zone for that moment. The pool of self-pity, pity, sadness, weakness, despair, hatred, anger, pitifulness, sickness and pessimism. You choose it and you stay there no matter what people tell you.

It is an established fact that people can tell or say or encourage or motivate you so much. But when it comes down to it, you have to wash that mud off yourself and say it is enough and that you are now going on with your life!

Wow! It is enough and now I continue with my life! You say it out loud and you get immense power. For clarity, the problems still exist as giants in your life, but your attitude has changed and that is why you look at them differently. The problems are no longer imminent because you are willing to fight.

Where does the fighting begin ?! Fighting starts in your mind. You start to think selectively. You will put the negative thoughts or passive thoughts away from you and you will strengthen the positive. I’m going to make it! What happens! Head up, shoulders straight and windshield!

By wanting to fight for your life, you choose to follow the positive! The positive means joy, sadness, anger, happiness, peace, hope, resilience, overcoming, health, self-pity, pity, evaluation, reflection, charging, control, self-control and self-love.

Yes indeed. Self-pity, pity and sadness and anger are also part of positive thinking. The difference is that you don’t get stuck in it and they don’t start to have a life of your own in your life. You can put things into perspective. We are humans and not perfect beings. We all have our moments and it is important to give ourselves the space to do so. But the fact is: “Don’t stay in the negative! Life is too good for that! ”

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